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The Island Gift of Life Foundation began as the dream of an island resident, Cheryl Hannabury, who had battled Non-Hodgkins Lympoma for many years. Her hope was to develop an organization that would assist families with the un-insured expenses incurred while treating the disease as well as for the collateral expenses incurred such as travel, lodging, etc. of the family & support team. It was also her hope to increase the awareness of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, as well as the importance of increasing the bone-marrow donor registry for this disease.

In February of 2001 the Foundation became a non-profit organization after many generous donations were made to the Foundation. At this time the Island Gift of Life held a blood /bone marrow drive with the intent to add to the bone marrow donor registry and possibly find a match for Cheryl. The program was so successful that 100 people were added to the registry. Unfortunately Cheryl succumbed to the disease despite all efforts to save her. But her dream continues today with the present activities of the Foundation she inspired.

Recently, in 2007, t hree blood/bone marrow drives were held with the Island Gift of Life funding the bone marrow portion. The result of these drives was an increase to the registry list by 67 people. The Island Gift of Life will continue to fund more drives in the future and would be happy to assist someone in need of bone marrow by helping to fund/organize a drive. Please contact us for our help

Over the years the mission of the Island Gift of Life has expanded beyond the wishes of Cheryl's dream to include support for people with many other serious medical problems. Please visit our Past Services page to see some examples of how we help people in need. And if you would like to donate to The Island Gift of Life Foundation please send a tax-deductible check to:

The Island Gift of Life
PO Box 532
Shelter Island Heights, NY 11965

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PO Box 532, Shelter Island Heights, NY 11965